How to apply for a France visa from Qatar
Published on: 06 February 2023

1. Know when to submit an application for the France visa for Qatar citizens

  • How do you know when you should submit your application for the France visa from Qatar? One thing to consider is the date you need to be in France. You MUST apply for a France visa from Qatar in time to receive your visa. Failure to apply at least 15 days before you leave will likely result in your application not being processed in time, and your trip being delayed as a result. That being said, applying so far in advance (more than six months) from when you need to be in France is also a bad idea, as applications for the France visa for Qatar citizens that are submitted then are not traditionally accepted by French consular authorities. 

2. Choose where to apply for a Schengen visa from Qatar

  • If you are applying for your France visa from Qatar from inside the emirate, you will do so from the French Embassy in the capital. Contact for help finding out where in Doha to formally submit your application. In the meantime, you can find your online application destination (i.e. the French visa portal) here.

3. Choose the best visa type for how to apply for France visa from Qatar

  • Are you going to France to see the sights? Do you have a different reason for pursing a France Schengen visa? Whatever your reason, you should be able to find it reflected in one of the 12 France visas and types shown here.
  • For example, if you only need a France Schengen visa in order to transit at a French airport, you will select “Airport Transport” from the listed France visas and types. 
  • When you access your Schengen visa application (online) you will indicate your selected Schengen visa for Qataris on the form, along with your entry category (see step 4).

4. Choose an entry category from France visas and types for Qatar passport holders

  • Your desired entry category for the France visa from Qatar is that which best serves your purposes as a traveler. Do you need to travel in and out of France/the Schengen area? If so, you should select a multiple entry France visa from Qatar. Do you only need one entry to the zone—in other words—do you not plan on returning to the zone in the event that you leave it before your visa has expired? If so, then you should settle for the single-entry France visa from Qatar. Want the flexibility of being able to return to the Schengen area just one time (in the event that you leave it)? In this case, the double entry France visa from Qatar is an ideal category for you. 

5. Find your application form and learn how much does a France visa cost

  • This is the application portal for the France visa from Qatar. Once you sign up for access, you will be able to proceed with meeting all the online France visa requirements for Qatar citizens, including by scheduling a visa appointment and completing your payment of all relevant France visa fees. The average Qatari applicant will pay 80 EUR (if paying online, payment will be through credit/debit card). 
  • Note that when you apply for a France visa from Qatar, you will need to do so in either the English, French, or Spanish language. These requirements extend to any documents you might submit in pursuit of the France visa from Qatar. If you do not speak these languages, you may contact us at for help filling out your form and obtaining translations of any Arabic documents into one of the officially acceptable languages for the Schengen visa for the Qatar citizens and residents. 

6. Submit documents required for France visa and requirements for Qatar citizens

  • Print out of the electronic Schengen visa application for described above, alongside its receipt (indicating the online application’s acceptance).
  • Qatari national passport (or other national travel doc) for a France visa from Qatar.
  • France visa fees. 
  • Proof of medical travel insurance for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Passport photos (two of them, appropriately sized) for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Proof of accommodation for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Proof of finances for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Proof of return for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Poof of travel medical insurance for a France visa from Qatar.
  • Supplemental documents for a France visa from Qatar (supplemental in that they pertain to an individual’s selected visa type, and therefore vary accordingly).

7. Schedule a visa appointment for how to get a France visa from Qatar

  • If you have not done so already online, you should now contact in order to schedule your visa appointment at your application destination in Qatar. 

8. Sit for your visa appointment to get a France visa from Qatar

  • The Schengen visa is for Qataris (and residents of the gulf state) who attend their visa appointment in pursuit of completing the following requirements: 
    • Being interviewed.
    • Handing in all of their required documents and materials, including a copy of their (electronically submitted) application + receipt. 
    • Submitting biometric information aka photos and fingerprints. 
    • Paying their France visa fees (if they haven’t done so already). 

9. Remember the processing time for France Schengen visa

  • Remember that 15-60 days it the processing time for the France visa for Qatar citizens. Keep in mind that your Qatari passport is held throughout that period—however long it may be. 

10. Receive a decision on your France visa from Qatar

  • Let’s say you’ve been rejected for your France visa from Qatar—what should you do? The most basic response is to simply re-apply, with an eye toward addressing the mistakes you made on your first attempt (contact for help with this). There is also an appeal process for the Schengen visa for the Qatar citizens and residents who feel they met the France visa requirements for Qatar citizens on their application, and therefore that the decision rendered was unfair. If you’ve been—in your opinion—unfairly rejected, contact us for help. 
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