Portugal visa from India
Published on: 10 February 2023

Explore the Portugal visa for India citizens

A Portugal visa from India to the Schengen area is an excellent visa for Indian citizens and residents looking to travel to Portugal (and throughout Europe). A Portugal visa from India is obtained through the Portuguese Embassy in Delhi and its affiliated centers; when you apply for your visa, you will submit various documents and forms and fulfill other requirements, which prove that you are a good candidate for a Schengen visa. If you are judged a good candidate, you will receive your Portugal visa from India. With it, you can travel to Portugal and stay there for 90 days. You may also use your Portugal visa from India to travel to neighboring Spain, and to all of the 27 states in the European Schengen area.  

Steps to get Portugal visa from India

1) Learn when to apply and the processing time for the Portugal Schengen visa

  • When you apply is determined in part by the processing time for the Portugal Schengen visa. Consular authorities require a minimum of 15 days (and a maximum of 60) to process your Portugal visa from India application. This means that you shouldn’t apply for your visa unless your trip is at least 15 days in the future. Applications submitted too far in the future however (specifically, those submitted six months before a trip) are not accepted. Ideally then, you will apply for your Portugal visa from India at least 60 days before you need to fly to Portugal.  

2) See where to apply for Schengen visa from India and how much does a Portugal visa cost

  • Where you apply for the Portugal visa for india citizens depends on your location in the country. Many apply for the Portugal visa from India through the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi, whereas applicants located in Nagar Haveli, Daman, Maharashtra, Diu, Goa, and Dadra are typically directed to apply through the Portuguese Consulate in Goa. 
  • Whether you apply for the Portugal visa from India through the Portuguese Embassy or Portuguese Consulate, you will need to make an appointment in advance of submitting your application. Contact us to find out where exactly in India you should submit your application, and for help making your visa interview appointment (which takes place at your application destination).  
  • While Portugal visa fees are the same regardless of where you apply, different application destinations may accept different methods of payment. For example, if you apply through the Portuguese Embassy, you will likely be asked to pay in advance of your visa appointment, via bank transfer. Other locations might request cash in a specific denomination. Enquire in advance of your appointment as to the preferred payment method. For more complete info on paying for the Schengen visa for the India citizens and residents, see Schengen Visa Fees

3) See which of the Portugal visas and types for India passport holders is best for you

  • The Schengen visa for the India citizens and residents has multiple types. Portugal visas and types relate to “reason for travel.” For example, if your reason for traveling to Portugal is to attend a short-term course at a university in Lisbon, you will apply for the “Study” type of Portugal visa from India. 
  • All the types of the Schengen visa for Indian citizens and residents can be seen here.

4) See which of the entry categories for the Portugal visa is best for you

  • After you have chosen one of the Portugal visas types from the above list, you will be asked to select your entry category for the Schengen area. This step to apply for the Portugal visa from India is important, as your selection is what determines whether you can return to the Schengen area once you’ve left it, and how many times you may do so. 
  • Select a single-entry Portugal visa from India if you do not expect to return to the zone after entering it the first time (if you try to enter it a second time you will be barred from doing so. 
  • Select a double-entry Portugal visa from India if you expect to enter the zone twice during your visa validity period (meaning you intend to enter Portugal on your visa, exit the Schengen area, and then return to the zone one more time before exiting a second, final, time).  
  • Select a multiple-entry Portugal visa from India if you expect to the enter the zone more than twice throughout your visa validity period (you can enter, exit, and re-enter the Schengen area an innumerable number of times on this Schengen visa category), which is why it is the easiest kind of visa to travel with.   

5) Get your application form for how to apply for a Portugal visa from India

  • You can get the Portugal visa from India application form here. Fill out the form completely, sign it, and submit it alongside the rest of your required Portugal visa from India documents. 

6) Get your required documents for how to get a Portugal visa from India

  • A Portugal visa from India can only be obtained through submission of the below documents:
    • Indian passport (if you’re not an India national, then you will submit your own country passport).   
    • Two (2) passport photos.
    • Travel medical insurance receipt in case you require medical attention while on your Portugal visa from India.
    • Proof of return to India—reservations via plane/train etc. out of the Schengen area.
    • Proof of accommodation in Portugal—address of host/hotel (if staying elsewhere in the Schengen area, provide those addresses if possible).
    • Proof of finances—bank statement/documents showing income, which prove you can pay for your whole trip.
    • Supplemental documents—any documents required by your specific visa type (like invitation letters from your Portuguese host on behalf of a “Visiting Family or Friends” visa). 
  • Consider that any of the above materials that you submit on your application will likely require translations into Portuguese or Spanish (or English) if they are Arabic language documents. 

7) Visa interview: Schedule your appointment

  • Once you have accessed the main application form and gathered the rest of your Portuguese visa from India required documents, you should move to schedule your visa appointment, where you will finalize all the Portugal visa requirements for India citizens. 

8) Learn what is a Portugal visa and requirements for India citizens at your visa interview

  • Your visa appointment is where you will learn everything you need to know about your visa as well as meet the Portugal visa requirements for India citizen (the main one being the formal submission of all of their required documents and materials). Indian citizens and residents who attend their visa interview will also submit their biometric information (photos and fingerprints) and pay all costs associated with their Portugal visa from India.

9) Wait for a decision on your Portugal visa from India

  • Most applicants receive a Portugal visa for India citizens in 15-30 days, however, occasionally consular officials require the full 60 to completely assess an application. 
  • When the Portuguese Embassy in Delhi is finished processing your visa, they will contact you with a decision: either your Portugal visa for India citizens application has been rejected, or you have been approved for a visa (rarely, you may be contacted before you receive a decision because the embassy requires more documents). If you are issued a visa, you may proceed with your trip to Portugal. If rejected, you can reapply, or look further into the process of repealing your decision (if you think it was not reasonable). Please note that the process for appealing a rejected Schengen visa for Indian citizens and residents comes with its own separate Portugal visa fees 
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