Sample of invitation letter for Schengen visa application
Published on: 22 February 2021

If you are traveling to Europe and you are from a country lacking visa-free access to the Schengen area, you will likely have to obtain a Schengen visa in order to enter Schengen zone countries like France, Italy and Germany. Schengen visas are available for multiple different kinds of types of purposes: business, tourism, and medical reasons are just some of the visa types available to you. Depending on what type of Schengen visa you are applying for, and whether you have been invited to the Schengen area by a specific business, organization or individual, you may need to obtain a Schengen invitation letter. If you are a Schengen visa applicant who anticipates asking someone to write an invitation letter for you, or you have been asked to write a letter inviting an applicant to the Schengen area, then this blog is for you! Keep reading for an overview on how to write a visa invitation letter, more specific information on how to craft a sample invitation letter for a business visa, and to view a visa invite letter template for these and other types of visas. 

Invitation letter for Schengen visa


      • Schengen visa invitation letters are required for people who are being invited to the Schengen area by anyone—be they individuals, companies, school or organizations. If you are being invited to the Schengen area by one of these entities, they will have to write you an invitation letter formally inviting you to come visit them in their Schengen country. 

      • Invitation letters are included in your general Schengen visa application as one of your required supplemental materials. 

      • Invitation letters are written and addressed to the applicant. 

      • Regardless of where you are applying to/from, all of the Schengen zone countries will require you to produce an invitation letter for a Schengen visa if you are indeed being invited to the zone. 

      • You may need an invitation letter if you are applying for a Schengen visa application for one of the following reasons:


            • Visiting family and friends

            • Business 

            • Tourism 

            • Cultural 

            • Religious purposes 

            • Official invitations 

            • Sports

        • While any of the above purposes might require you to submit an invitation letter, the letters are most commonly needed for applicants who are applying for visas to visit family and friends and for business visas. 

        • Therefore as well as discussing how to write a general invitation, this blog will specifically highlight how to write a visa invitation letter for the purposes of business and visiting family and friends.   

      How to write a Schengen invitation letter


          • Regardless of what kind of Schengen visa type you are applying for all invitation letters should have a similar tone and formula. 

          • When writing your letter therefore, you can stick to the following visa invite letter template:


                1. Introduce yourself

                1. State where you live 

                1. Say why you are writing 

                1. State your relationship to the applicant, and how long you have known them for

                1. State when the applicant will visit, and for how long 

                1. State where they will stay during their visit 

                1. List intended activities 

                1. State your financial relationship with the applicant

                1. Close by requesting the letter reader contact you in the event more information is required

                1. Put your name, date, and formal signature at the end. 

          What to include in Schengen invitation letter


              • All Schengen visa letters should include therefore include the following essential information:


                    • Full name of person inviting the applicant (letter writer)

                    • Complete address of letter writer 

                    • Relationship of letter writer to applicant

                    • Reason/purpose for invitation (i.e. to formally invite the applicant to visit)

                    • Specific dates you intend to see the applicant on (if you have them)

                    • What you intend to do with the applicant (specific events/meetings/activities) 

                    • How long the applicant will stay with you (if relevant)

                    • Financial arrangements (if relevant-i.e. if you are funding the applicant’s trip, or whether he/she will be paying for the activities you do together). 

                • All letters should be dated and formally signed by the letter writer.

                • When writing your Schengen visa sponsor letter, make sure you keep your tone polite yet formal. Write clearly and concisely. 

                • Most countries require that invitation letters be written in the official language(s) of the country the applicant is applying to. However, all countries should accept letters written in English, and some countries accept letters written in additional European languages other than their own. If the author of your letter does not speak English or the official language of the country they are inviting you to, they will likely be able to write in their language, so long as they include a certified translation of their letter. For example, if your letter writer is a fluent Arabic speaker who recently became resident of France but yet doesn’t speak French well enough to write in French, they should be able to write in Arabic if they include a notarized French translation. As the applicant, it is your responsibility to establish what language the country you are applying for a visa from will accept letters in.       

                • Please note that as well as providing the above information, depending on the country the applicant is applying to, the inviting party could also be required to submit personal identification information (such as an ID-card). In the event official ID is requested, it is very likely the inviting party will only have to submit photocopies of his or her official documents, rather than original IDs. 

              Sample invite letter for Schengen visa: Visiting friends and family


                  • The following visa invite letter template is for visiting friends and family. 

                  • In the below sample invitation letter for a Schengen visa, a woman named Juliette Noell is inviting an Egyptian national, a woman named Salma Ali, to visit her in France: 

                To Whom it May Concern: 

                I am writing to formally invite Salma Ali to stay with me at my house Paris, France, at [INSERT ADDRESS IN PARIS] where I have lived for the past five years. I have known Salma for ten years, since 2011, when we met as students at the University of Bonn, in Germany, and became friends. I am inviting Salma to come visit and stay with me for a period of thirty days, from March 1st 2021, through March 30th, 2021, depending on whether her flight arrives on time (I know she intends to fly out of Egypt in the morning of March 1st). During Salma’s visit, we plan on doing a lot of touristic activities—she has never travelled to Paris before, so I intend to show her all of the sites, including Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. Additionally, we may make a short trip to Normandy, to visit my parents, who have a house there. 

                As per our intended arrangement, Salma will financially cover the costs of our tourist activities, and travel, in return for my providing her a place to stay. 

                Please contact me if you have any additional questions about Salma or her intended stay. 


                Juliette Noel  [INSERT SIGNITURE]
                [INSERT EMAIL] February 15th, 2021
                [INSERT PHONE NUMBER]   

                Sample invitation letter for Schengen Business visa


                    • If you are travelling for the purpose of business, you can view the below example of a Schengen visa sponsor letter. In this sample visa invite letter, a businessman named George Landz is inviting a man named Muhammad Aziz to Germany for the purpose of business.

                    • In addition to containing all the required names, addresses, and contact information of the inviting party, the letter also reveals in detail the reason for the invitation, specific business activities to be conducted, and intended dates:

                  To Whom it May Concern: 

                  My name is George Landz, and I am the founder and CEO of Danker Productions. I am writing to formally invite Mr. Muhammad Aziz to Berlin, Germany for the purpose of touring our factory in Berlin. Muhammad has previously purchased 10,000 pipe fittings from our company for his own business, and he has requested a tour of our factory before committing to additional future orders. Furthermore, he will be attending several meetings with company employees, including our chief engineer, to discuss ongoing issues with production. The factory tour is scheduled for September 2nd, 2021, while the meetings will take place during the week, throughout the month of September [meetings are tentatively scheduled for September 5th, 16th, 21st, and 30th].

                  It is our understanding that Mr. Aziz has made his own arrangements for housing throughout his time in Berlin (he intends to stay at a local hotel near the factory). Our company will be covering the costs of transportation to-and-from the factory throughout his stay.

                  If you have any further questions about Mr. Aziz’s upcoming visit, please do not hesitate to contact me.


                  George Landz [INSERT SIGNITURE]
                  [INSERT COMPLETE BUSINESS ADDRESS] July 19th,  2021

                  Other information:


                      • For more detailed information on how to write a Schengen visa invitation letter, including how to write letters for visa types not discussed in this blog (including official visits) click here.

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