How to apply for France Schengen visa from UAE
Published on: 02 January 2022

While there are a number of different France visas available for non-citizen residents of the UAE, the Schengen France visa category is the most popular and practical visa category for UAE residents. Successful applicants for a French Schengen visa can spend up to 90 days in the country (in addition, they can enter and travel throughout the 25 other Schengen Member States; a vibrant collection of top tourist and business destinations which includes Italy, Germany, and Spain. Today’s blog will teach you how to apply for a France Schengen visa from the United Arab Emirates while answering commonly asked questions like “What are the France tourist visa fees for UAE residents?” This, and other essential France visa information, is available below. 

How to apply for France Schengen visa from UAE

  • 1. Decide when to submit your application 
    • Apply for your France visa for UAE residents a minimum of 15 days prior to when you need for France. This should be enough time for your France visa application from the UAE to be processed, allowing you to receive it well before you need to travel. 
    • While it’s always good to apply early for France visas, keep in mind that French missions will not accept a French visa application to the Schengen area that is lodged more than six months before an intended departure to the zone (i.e. there is such a thing as applying too early). 
  • 2. Select your Schengen visa type
    • How to apply for a France Schengen visa from the United Arab Emirates depends on the type of visa you are applying for (different visa types require different documents, so you should be sure that you pick the correct visa type for your journey).   
    • Many residents in the UAE apply for tourist visas to France. The Schengen tourist visa is just one of many Schengen visa types, each of which reflects a specific purpose for travel (medical, study, business, etc.). 
    • See the complete list of Schengen visa types here.
  • 3. Select your entry category
    • The most desirable France visa category in terms of entries is the multi; a multiple entry Schengen visa to France will allow you to enter and exit the country (and the Schengen area in general) as many times as you require. If you obtain this visa, you can, for example, fly between the Abu Dhabi and Paris as many times as you want, so long as you have time remaining on your visa.    
    • The second most flexible Schengen visa entry category is the double; you can enter the Schengen area twice with a double entry Schengen visa to France (if you try to enter the zone a third time—after exiting it a second time—you will not be allowed back into the country/zone. 
    • The most restrictive entry category for France is the single. If you enter France on a single-entry Schengen visa, you will not be allowed back into the country (or the Schengen area) should you leave. 
  • 4. Select France as your primary Schengen destination 
    • There are 26 countries in the European Schengen area; you should select France as your primary destination in the zone if you will spend more time there than in any other Schengen country. 
  • 5. Choose where to apply in the UAE
    • Apply for the France Schengen visa from the United Arab Emirates at the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi. 
  • 6. Gather your required documents 
    • Your France visa application from the UAE will consist of the below required documents and materials:
      • Valid national passport. 
      • Two passport photos. 
      • Evidence of accommodation (i.e. of where you will stay in France). 
      • Proof of financial subsistence (i.e. that you can cover all of the costs associated with your trip). 
      • Proof of return (i.e. that you will ultimately return to the UAE—or at simply leave the Schengen area—when your visa expires. 
      • Proof of travel medical insurance (up to 30,000 EUR).
    • Your French visa application will be incomplete without the supplemental documents you must submit for your specific visa type. For example, if you are applying for a “Visiting Family and Friends” visa, you will need to submit an invitation letter (from the person you are visiting in France). For more info on Schengen visa requirements, click here.
    • Please note that all documents that you submit (both required and supplemental) will need to be written in either English or French. If they were not originally written in those languages, you may submit them, provided you have them translated into either English or French (and include those translations alongside the original documents).  
  • 7. Access your basic application form 
    • France has an online visa portal, which means, for example, that you can submit your France tourist visa application form online (and also pay your France tourist visa fees for UAE residents online). Even if you not seeking a tourist visa, however, you can apply for your France visa for UAE residents online (simply select the specific visa type you need). 
    • The France tourist visa application form is online here.
  • 8. Schedule your Schengen visa appointment 
    • Because France has an electronic application system, you should be able to schedule your visa appointment online, at the end of your application procedure. Alternatively, you may have to reach out to your application destination directly for France visa information pertaining to appointments. 
  • 9. Attend your Schengen visa appointment 
    • Your in-person visa appointment is where you will do the following:
      • Attend a short visa interview (will consist of basic questions about your trip to France)
      • Submit a singed paper copy of your electronic application (as well as physical copies and/or originals of all your other application materials, including your passport. 
      • Submit your biometric information (photos and fingerprints required of all first-time Schengen visa applicants for security purposes). 
      • Pay your Schengen visa fees (80 EUR—the equivalent to 341 UAE Dirhams—for most applicants, although certain categories pay reduced fees, or even nothing at all. Please note that all Schengen visa types cost the same (therefore, if you are applying for a tourist visa, it will cost the same as a medical visa, as a business visa, etc). 
      • Click here for complete information on Schengen visa fees.
  • 10. Await a decision 
    • After you apply for a France Schengen visa from the United Arab Emirates, you can expect to receive a decision within 15 days (in rare cases 30-60 days). 
    • If your visa is rejected, you may seek to appeal by following these general guidelines.
    • If your application is accepted, you can pick up your passport (containing your new French Schengen visa) and be on your way. 
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