How to apply for Greece Schengen visa from Egypt
Published on: 29 December 2021

A non-stop flight from Cairo to Athens is under two hours. And yet, despite the proximity of Greece to Egypt, most Egyptian citizens and residents must obtain a visa in order to travel to the Greek capital—or anywhere in the European country. Today’s blog will teach you how to apply for the most popular and useful Greece visa from Egypt: a Schengen visa. The Greece Schengen visa is required for Egyptian citizens and residents who are looking to enter Greece for up to 90 days. In addition to Greece, the Schengen Greece visa from Egypt allows holders to enter and travel around the rest of the Schengen area (i.e. the other 26 European countries which comprise the zone). Keep scrolling for essential Greece visa information relating to how to apply for the Schengen Greece visa from Egypt.

How to apply for Greece Schengen visa from Egypt

  • 1. Determine when to submit your application 
    • Visa applications to the Schengen area should be lodged 15 days before an applicant intends to travel to Greece (but not more than six months before). 
  • 2. Choose your Greece Schengen visa type
    • There is more than one type of Schengen visa to Greece; when you apply, you will have to select the type that best reflects your reason for travel. For example, if you need a Greece visa from Egypt because you are planning to vacation on the island of Santorini, you will apply for a Greek tourist visa (and therefore lodge a Greece tourist visa application form online). 
    • Other popular types of Schengen visas include those for Medical, Visiting Family and Friends, and Business. See the complete list  of Schengen visa types here.
  • 3. Choose your Greece visa category for entries
    • The Greece visa for Egyptian citizens and residents allows for three different categories of entries: single, double, and multiple. 
    • A single-entry visa allows you just one entry into Greece/the Schengen area (if you leave the zone after entering you will not be allowed back in). A double entry visa will allow you to return to the zone a single time after exiting once, while a multiple entry provides you with unlimited entries and exits to the Schengen area. 
  • 4. Select Greece as your primary Schengen destination 
    • Select Greece as your primary destination if that is the Schengen country where you will spend the most time on your trip.  
  • 5. Decide where to apply in Egypt 
    • Egyptian citizens and residents should submit their application for Greece visa via the Greek Consulate General in Cairo or the Greek Consulate in Alexandria (for help finding your specific application destination, contact us here). 
  • 6. Gather your required documents 
    • A Schengen Greece visa for Egyptian citizens and residents necessitates the submission of the following documents and materials: 
      • Egyptian passport (or other valid passport) 
      • Passport photos (2) 
      • Basic Schengen application for Greece visa form 
      • Proof of accommodation
      • Proof of financial subsistence 
      • Proof of return 
      • Proof of travel medical insurance 
      • Visa fees 
    • In addition to the above, applicants should submit whatever supplemental forms relate to their specific visa type (for example, you may have to access a specific tourist visa application form online, if you are applying for a Schengen tourist visa. 
    • Contact us to find out what languages you may submit documents in (Greek, Arabic, English) and therefore whether you will need to submit translations of documents not already written in accepted languages.  
    • For more information on required documents, click here.
  • 7. Access your basic application form 
    • Schengen visa applications for Greece are the universal Schengen visa form, which can be downloaded, completed and signed via the following link.
  • 8. Schedule your Schengen visa appointment 
    • Only one of the requirements of the Schengen visa for Greece is in-person, and it involves attending appointment at the Greek Embassy, Consulate, or visa application you are applying through. Contact us to help you with Greece visa information regarding your appointment. 
  • 9. Attend your Schengen visa appointment 
    • After you have scheduled your Schengen visa appointment, you may attend in-person in order to, for example, pay your Greece tourist visa fees for Egypt citizens and residents, hand in your application, have your biometric information collected and attend a short interview. 
    • Greece tourist visa fees for Egypt citizens and residents—and fees for other types of Schengen visas, are 80 EUR for most applicants.
  • 10. Await a decision 
    • Don’t be concerned if you do not receive a decision back on your visa immediately. While the typical processing time for Schengen visas is two weeks, it could take as many as 60 days for a decision to be rendered on your application. 
    • If your Schengen visa application is successful, confirm that you have received the correct Greece visa category, and be on your way! 
    • If you are rejected for your Schengen visa to Greece, you may appeal by following these general directions.
    • Finally, keep in mind that while a Greece Schengen visa is required for Egyptian citizens and residents who want to travel around the Schengen area in addition to Greece, if your Schengen visa is rejected, you also have the option of applying for a Greece national visa (a non-Schengen visa).  
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